My session at ITPro Serbia user group meetup – January 31st 2018

On January 31 2018, I delivered lecture at ITPro Serbia user group monthly meetup. The session name was: “Office 365, cloud apps and security”.

I spoke about security of Office 365 tenants and user data stored in Office 365 services. I went through a lot of demos, including Security & Compliance portal, Cloud App Security platform as well as comparison between Cloud App Security and Office 365 Cloud App Security.

At meetup, we had a special guest, Jens Tinapp, Windows & Devices Business Group Lead from Microsoft CEE.


The other distinguished gust at the presentation was Jelena Miodragović, lead of the BLBit user group from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We asked her to share her experiences with fighting ransomware.


At the end of the presentation, we had an open discussion and questions related to this topic. We had the opportunity to talk about various cyber security problems and challenges, including ransomware, security of cloud applications, various cloud solutions… I would like to thank everyone who participated in the event.

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