What happened to TMG?

IMHO, this is very bad decision – TMG is the best software firewall product!

I am sure Microsoft won’t change it’s mind regarding the discontinuation policy, but not integrating TMG’s options into another product is disrespectful to all of it’s customers. ISA 2000, 2004, 2006 and TMG 2010, they are all good products and it’s a shame that you are going to kill the product that people use to protect their network perimeters and publish their resources.

There are lots of questions that Microsoft is not willing to answer, but I am going to write them in hope some manager at Microsoft decides that we deserve to have more info than we have now:

Why is TMG 2010 discontinued?

What will happen to to customers that are in the middle of projects that involve TMG 2010 and what is Microsoft’s recommendation to them?

Is the December 1st 2012 the date when TMG will be deleted from the MS pricelist? And if that date is correct, of what use is support until 2020 if we can’t sell it to our current and future customers?

Why Microsoft doesn’t want to integrate TMG firewall features into Windows Firewall in some future Windows Server version?

Forefront UAG 2010 is not discontinued, but it’s integral part is Forefront TMG 2010. What will happen with that? We don’t want to hear in two years that UAG is being discontinued. Again, TMG 2010 is part of UAG 2010 – UAG is not discontinued and TMG is, why are you making the confusion?

Having UAG 2010 for publishing internal resources and some other product acting as a secure web gateway is more expensive than having TMG 2010 for everything. What will Microsoft do to compensate to it’s customer base?

What will happen with all those Technet documents that use TMG 2010 for publishing other Microsoft products?

I talked to IT pros these days and they are all very dissapointed with this. I saw Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways and there is a lot of companies that are making money with their SWG products. And only Microsoft says that TMG 2010 isn’t bringing money. What is the truth, lack of profit or bad management?