Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery review

People from Stellar contacted me some time ago and asked if I would like to test and review their product Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery. As I like the tools that help you to recover from a disaster, I gladly accepted. It took some time to complete the testing and here are the results…

Microsoft Exchange server is very important in the digital world. Whether it is Exchange server or Exchange Online, Exchange is most likely communication center of majority of enterprises. When you use Exchange Online (in either Office 365 or standalone subscription), you are pretty much protected when it comes to server or database failures – Microsoft got you covered very well. But if you are still using Exchange server as a part of your on-prem infrastructure, you need to be prepared for failures. Not that we summon failures, but they inevitable happen, like it or not. And once the disaster strikes, you got to have all the tools that can help you to get all your data back. I’ve heard too many times that if you consider yourself a good Exchange admin, you probably have a bunch of recovery tools.

Exchange administrators know that the mailbox database is crucial for proper functioning of the whole e-mail system. Database technology implemented in Exchange server is rock solid, but there are times and scenarios where you must recover the data contained in a corrupted database. Whether it’s a whole corrupted database or the need to restore only certain mailboxes, there are tools that can do exactly that – open the Exchange database and extract the data out of it. One of the tools you can use for that purpose is Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery (Picture 1).

Picture 1

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Microsoft MVP for the 4th time in a row

I’m happy to announce that I have been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in the Office Servers and Services category, for the 4th consecutive year. 🙂


Many thanks to my family, friends, colleagues, community leaders, nice people from Microsoft all around the world and fellow MVPs, who supported me in previous period.


My session at #Tarabica18 – “Office 365, cloud apps and security”

At Tarabica 18 conference, I delivered lecture about securing Office 365 platform. I introduced some Office 365 services that can significantly increase the security of the tenant – Office 365 secure score, MFA, asigning administrator roles, anti-spam and anti-malware protection, ATP, DLP, Cloud App Security… to name just a few.

You can download my presentation here.


My session at ITPro Serbia user group meetup – January 31st 2018

On January 31 2018, I delivered lecture at ITPro Serbia user group monthly meetup. The session name was: “Office 365, cloud apps and security”.

I spoke about security of Office 365 tenants and user data stored in Office 365 services. I went through a lot of demos, including Security & Compliance portal, Cloud App Security platform as well as comparison between Cloud App Security and Office 365 Cloud App Security.

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My session at Sinergija 17 – Secure your Office 365 with Advanced Security Management

On October 26th 2017, I delivered lecture at Microsoft Sinergija IT conference. Name of the session was: “Secure your Office 365 with Advanced Security Management”.

I spoke about security of Office 365 tenants and user data stored in Office 365 services. I went through a lots of demos, showing Office 365 Advanced Security Mangement and comparing it to Microsoft Cloud App Security offering.



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